How website genersate leads is a popular online platform for buying, selling, and renting residential properties in India. Here's how it works:

Property Listings: allows property owners and agents to list their properties on the platform. Property owners can create a profile and add details about their properties, including photos, location, features, and pricing.

Property Search:

Homebuyers and renters can search for properties using's search tools. They can filter the results based on their preferences, such as location, budget, property type, and other features.

Property Visit: offers virtual property visits and 360-degree property views, which help homebuyers and renters to get a feel of the property without physically visiting it.

Property Verification: verifies the property listings by checking the ownership documents, property details, and other relevant information. This helps to ensure that the properties listed on the platform are genuine and reliable.

Agent Finder: offers an agent finder tool that helps homebuyers and renters to find reliable and trustworthy agents to assist them in their property search.

Shortlisting and Contacting:

Homebuyers and renters can shortlist properties that they are interested in and contact the property owners or agents directly through the platform. Overall, offers a convenient and efficient platform for homebuyers, sellers, and renters to search for properties, verify their authenticity, and connect with property owners and agents. The platform also offers various value-added services, such as property valuations, home loans, and legal services, to assist homebuyers and sellers in their property transactions.  

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