Modi’s Government foreign relations.

Modi's foreign relations.

Neighborhood First Policy: Modi's "Neighborhood First" policy focuses on strengthening India's relations with its neighboring countries. He believes that stable and prosperous neighbors are essential for India's own development and security. Initiatives like the South Asian Satellite, BIMSTEC, and regional connectivity projects reflect this approach.

Act East Policy: Modi upgraded the "Look East Policy" to the "Act East Policy," aiming to enhance

India's engagement with Southeast Asia and the wider Asia-Pacific region. This policy includes increased economic cooperation, cultural exchanges, and strategic partnerships with countries like Japan, South Korea, and the ASEAN nations.

Global Outreach: Modi has undertaken numerous international visits to engage with world leaders, foster diplomatic ties, and promote India's interests globally. His interactions with leaders of major powers like the United States, Russia, China, and European nations have played a crucial role in shaping India's foreign relations.

Strategic Partnerships: He has worked to strengthen India's strategic partnerships with countries like the United States, Russia, Japan, France, Israel, and others. These partnerships encompass defense cooperation, trade, investment, technology sharing, and geopolitical collaboration.

BRICS and G20 Engagement: Modi has actively participated in BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and G20 summits, where he has advocated for collective action on global issues, economic cooperation, and the reform of international institutions.

Africa Focus: Modi has engaged with African nations to enhance trade, investment, and development cooperation. The India-Africa Forum Summit and initiatives like the International Solar Alliance (ISA) demonstrate India's commitment to collaboration with African countries.

Diaspora Engagement: Modi has engaged with the Indian diaspora in various countries, recognizing their contributions and encouraging their involvement in India's development. Events like "Howdy Modi" and "Namaste Trump" demonstrated the Indian diaspora's influence.

Security and Counterterrorism Cooperation: His government has focused on enhancing security cooperation and counterterrorism efforts with countries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Collaborative efforts to address transnational challenges have been a key aspect of his foreign policy.

Multilateral Diplomacy: Modi has emphasized India's role in multilateral forums like the United Nations, World Trade Organization (WTO), and various regional organizations. He has advocated for India's permanent seat in the UN Security Council and played an active role in climate change negotiations.

Global Initiatives: Initiatives like the International Day of Yoga, the International Solar Alliance, and the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure reflect Modi's commitment to global issues and his efforts to promote international cooperation.

Vaccine Diplomacy: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Modi's government supplied vaccines to other countries, showcasing India's commitment to global health and its emergence as a pharmaceutical hub.

Balancing Act: Modi's foreign policy seeks to maintain a balance between major powers and regional partners, ensuring India's strategic autonomy while engaging in economic and diplomatic collaboration.

Challenges and Critics: While Modi's foreign relations have garnered significant achievements, some critics highlight challenges related to India's relations with neighboring countries like Pakistan, border tensions with China, and concerns over human rights issues.

In conclusion, Narendra Modi's foreign relations approach is characterized by a proactive and pragmatic engagement with the international community. His efforts have aimed to advance India's strategic interests, enhance economic cooperation, and contribute to global problem-solving while upholding India's national values and sovereignty.


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