Unlock Financial Potential with ICICI Bank’s Loan Against FD: A Remarkable and Secure Product
ICICI Bank, a trusted name in the banking sector, offers a unique and innovative financial product known as Loan Against Fixed Deposit (FD). This offering provides customers with a dual benefit - while paying the interest on their loan, they continue to earn interest on their FD. This remarkable feature makes Loan Against FD an excellent choice for individuals looking for secure and flexible financing options. Furthermore, this loan appears as a completely unsecured facility in your credit report, further enhancing its appeal. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of ICICI Bank's Loan Against FD, focusing on its competitive interest rates and the advantageous financial synergy it offers. This product is for personal loan as well business loan 

The Synergy of Interest Rates

One of the most appealing aspects of ICICI Bank's Loan Against FD is the unique synergy between the interest rates on the loan and the FD. While you pay the applicable rate of interest on the loan, the bank continues to pay interest on the FD, ensuring that your savings remain intact and continue to grow. This feature allows customers to maintain a balanced financial approach, leveraging their existing assets without depleting their savings.

Competitive Interest Rates

ICICI Bank offers competitive interest rates on their Loan Against FD, making it an attractive option for borrowers. The interest rates are typically lower than those for conventional personal loans, primarily due to the security provided by the FD. The specific interest rate will depend on factors such as the loan amount, tenure, and creditworthiness of the borrower. It is advisable to consult with ICICI Bank representatives to understand the applicable rates and terms based on your individual requirements.

Enhanced Creditworthiness

One of the notable advantages of Loan Against FD is that it appears as an unsecured loan in your credit report. This means that when potential lenders or creditors evaluate your creditworthiness, they will see this loan as a completely unsecured facility. This can have a positive impact on your credit profile, as it demonstrates your ability to manage multiple credit lines responsibly. Additionally, this unsecured status of the loan can help borrowers maintain a healthy credit utilization ratio, further boosting their creditworthiness.

Flexible Repayment Options

ICICI Bank provides flexible repayment options for their Loan Against FD, allowing borrowers to choose a repayment schedule that aligns with their financial capabilities. You can opt for regular monthly installments or even opt for a bullet repayment, where the principal is repaid at the end of the loan tenure. This flexibility empowers borrowers to customize their repayment strategy based on their cash flow and financial goals.


ICICI Bank's Loan Against FD is undeniably an amazing product that offers numerous benefits to borrowers. The unique synergy of interest rates allows individuals to pay the applicable rate of interest on their loan while simultaneously earning interest on their FD. This balanced approach ensures that savings continue to grow while meeting immediate financial needs. The competitive interest rates, coupled with the loan appearing as an unsecured facility in your credit report, further enhance the appeal of this offering. ICICI Bank's Loan Against FD is a secure, flexible, and advantageous financing option that provides individuals with the financial freedom and peace of mind they desire. To explore this remarkable product and unlock your financial potential, reach out to ICICI Bank and discover the possibilities it can offer.


To calculate the difference in interest rates and the corresponding EMI for a loan at 10.5% reducing ROI and an FD earning a compound interest rate of 7% flat ROI for a 5-year tenure, we'll need to consider the loan amount. Let's assume the loan amount is Rs. 1,00,000. Loan Details: Loan Amount: Rs. 1,00,000 Loan Tenure: 5 years Interest Rate: 10.5% (reducing ROI) EMI Calculation: To calculate the Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) for a reducing ROI loan, we can use the formula: EMI = P * r * (1+r)^n / ((1+r)^n - 1) Where: P = Loan Amount r = Monthly Interest Rate n = Loan Tenure in months First, let's calculate the monthly interest rate for the reducing ROI loan: Monthly Interest Rate = (Annual Interest Rate / 12) / 100 = (10.5 / 12) / 100 = 0.00875 Using the formula, we can calculate the EMI: EMI = 1,00,000 * 0.00875 * (1+0.00875)^60 / ((1+0.00875)^60 - 1) EMI ≈ Rs. 2,071.78 (rounded to the nearest rupee) FD Details: Principal: Rs. 1,00,000 Interest Rate: 7% (flat ROI) Tenure: 5 years

To calculate the maturity amount for the FD, considering compound interest, we can use the formula:

Maturity Amount = Principal * (1 + Rate)^Time Maturity Amount = 1,00,000 * (1 + 0.07)^5 = Rs. 1,40,255 (rounded to the nearest rupee) Interest Earned = Maturity Amount - Principal = Rs. 1,40,255 - Rs. 1,00,000 = Rs. 40,255

Difference in Interest: The difference in interest can be calculated by subtracting the interest earned on the FD from the interest paid on the loan:

Difference in Interest = (Loan Amount * Interest Rate * Loan Tenure) - Interest Earned on FD = (1,00,000 * 10.5% * 5) - Rs. 40,255 = Rs. 52,500 - Rs. 40,255 = Rs. 12,245 Therefore, the difference in interest between the loan at 10.5% reducing ROI and the FD earning 7% compound ROI over 5 years is Rs. 12,245. Please note that the calculation provided is based on the information provided and is for illustrative purposes only. The actual values may vary based on the specific terms and conditions of the loan and FD offered by the bank.
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