Recent trouble in Manipur : Upholding Basic Ethics and Ensuring Dignity in Society: A Call for Responsible Governance

Upholding Basic Ethics and Ensuring Dignity in Society: A Call for Responsible Governance

In this article, we will address the recent troubling incidents in Manipur and the importance of upholding basic ethics and human dignity in our society. While politics is usually avoided on this website, the gravity of the situation demands our attention. As members of a civilized society, we must recognize and respect the fundamental principles that govern human interactions. Disputes with neighbors or individuals from different communities are not an excuse to harm their dignity. Much of the conflict and unethical behavior we witness on Earth can be attributed to the human ego. It is crucial to remember that harming the dignity of women is a crime more significant than murder. This article calls for responsible governance to curb violence and protect the dignity of all citizens.

Upholding Basic Ethics in Society

In our journey as a civilized society, we are guided by basic ethics that form the foundation of human interactions. We must treat others with respect and empathy, even in times of dispute. Engaging in conflicts is a natural aspect of human society, but it should never lead to compromising the dignity of others. Our fights and disputes may arise from various sources, but we should not forget our moral responsibility to uphold the dignity of every individual, regardless of their background.

The Role of Male Ego in Conflicts

It is essential to address the issue of gender disparity and how it is sometimes exploited in conflicts. When men engage in fights with each other, it is unjust to drag women into these disputes and subject them to harm. Harming the dignity of women is a grave offense that goes beyond any physical harm. In some parts of the world, like the video of a young girl being teased for going to school in Afghanistan, gender discrimination persists. We must acknowledge that both men and women are essential components of society. Women often contribute to creating peaceful environments within their homes, while some men contribute to destructive tendencies. It is crucial to challenge and dismantle these harmful stereotypes to build a fair and equitable society.

Upholding Sanatan Dharma's Ethical Values

Sanatan Dharma, with its profound ethical principles, holds a significant place in our society. However, it is essential to reflect on why these values have not permeated through the entirety of our society. Despite an aggressive section on social media advocating for Sanatan Dharma, there seems to be a disconnect when it comes to implementing these values in our daily lives. As a society, we must strive to embody the principles of Sanatan Dharma, such as compassion, respect for all living beings, and the pursuit of truth, in our actions and interactions.

Government Responsibility in Maintaining Order

Turning our attention to the recent issues in Manipur, it is concerning that the situation has persisted for 70-80 days without significant resolution. Both the state and central governments, ruled by the same party, hold responsibility for ensuring the safety and security of their citizens. In a democratic system, citizens place their trust in the government to protect their lives and provide essential facilities. When governments fail to address violence and protect their citizens, it erodes the faith of the people in the system. Effective and responsible governance is critical to restoring peace and preserving the dignity of the citizens.


In conclusion, our society must remain committed to upholding basic ethics and human dignity. Engaging in disputes with others should never be an excuse to harm their dignity, especially that of women, as it constitutes a grave crime. We must strive to embody the principles of Sanatan Dharma in our daily lives and not merely advocate for them on social media. The government, both at the state and central levels, bears the responsibility of maintaining law and order and safeguarding the lives of its citizens. By acting responsibly and upholding the principles of a just and compassionate society, we can work towards a harmonious and dignified world for all.

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